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work circumstances of the plate heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger, in the structure, the four corners of the plate, forming a fluid distribution tube and the discharge tube, two kinds of heat transfer medium, respectively, into the respective...
The best way to buy plate heat exchanger products
In the purchase of plate heat exchanger need to pay attention to some matters in order to buy a suitable for their own business plate heat exchanger products, Siping heat exchanger manufacturers to...
Temperature and Pressure Requirements for Plate Heat Exchangers
Plate heat exchangers have been widely used in many industries and are now widely used in many industries such as power engineering, shipping, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, food and light indust...
The Method of Improving Logarithmic Mean Temperature Difference in Plate Heat Exchanger
1, plate heat exchanger flow patterns are countercurrent, downstream and mixed flow pattern. Under the same operating conditions, the logarithmic mean temperature difference is the largest in the...
Plate heat exchanger gasket maintenance and maintenance
Maintenance and maintenance of the plate heat exchanger gasket under normal circumstances through the plate heat exchanger cold movement when the drip or stop the cooling process to find the heat e...
Replacement of heat exchanger gasket
Rubber gasket maintenance and replacement of the main steps: 1, reuse performance testing and testing. In the case of suspected corrosion of the heat exchanger and pipe wall thickness to check; ...

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