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We are:
a group of professionals engaged in product applications, R & D, design, production, sales, service for many years in the field of heat exchangers, and a passionate and energetic for a common belief and ideals. Innovation and practice of a strong team.
Our principle:
Work after learn to be a good man
Our characteristics:
Harmony and unity, Work hard
Professional dedication, the pursuit of excellence
Honest and trustworthy, the credibility of the supremacy
Our products and services:
All kinds of plate heat exchanger and spare parts manufacturing, export, OEM
Various brands of plate heat exchanger gasket manufacturing, export and domestic sales
All kinds of semi-welding, all-welding heat exchanger products, technical advice, product design, manufacturing and sales
Various types of energy saving, heat recovery system, heat transfer system design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning
Our pursuit:
Make more customers understand and familiar with the heat exchanger selection, use and maintenance, the correct choice and use of heat exchangers for customers to create greater economic benefits.
Our promise:
Seiko manufacturing quality for the integrity of business services first

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