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Heat exchanger unit of its compact structure, reliable operation, easy operation and other advantages, is the preferred energy efficient products.
The product is suitable for residential, industrial, factories and mines, hospitals, hotels, schools and other occasions, heating, bathing and air conditioning systems. The integral heat exchanger unit can be used for both water and water exchange and for steam-water exchange. The unit is composed of heat exchanger, circulating pump, water pump, electric control cabinet, filter, base, pipe, valve, instrument and so on, and can install automatic constant pressure water supply device, water treatment equipment, water tank, Control, temperature control valve, remote communication control, etc., to form a complete heat exchange station. The unit has a standardized, modular design, complete configuration, easy installation, energy efficient, has been widely used in district central heating, central air conditioning, domestic water, production technology and other water systems.
working principle
Plate heat exchanger unit is a network to get heat, automatic continuous conversion for the user needs of domestic water and heating water. That is, hot water from the primary side of the unit into the plate heat exchanger after heat exchange, from the mouth of a side outlet outflow; secondary side of the water back through the filter to remove dirt, through the secondary side of the circulating water pump into the plate heat exchanger Heat exchange, production for heating, air conditioning, floor heating or domestic water and other different temperatures of hot water to meet the needs of users.
Secondary water through the filter decontamination, through the cycle into the heat exchanger, by steam or high temperature water heating after heating. Steam or high temperature water into the plate after the heat exchanger, into condensate or high temperature back to the heat source, the first and second heating system loop cycle. The replenisher pumps the soft water into the system to keep the system pressure constant.
1, the use of industrial control or intelligent temperature regulator to make the water temperature intelligent control, that is, the water temperature according to the program can be set with the outdoor ambient temperature, the standard temperature and time changes, heating quality, energy saving.
2, industrial computer display, storage and printing a variety of operating parameters, including: heat medium flow, heat medium temperature, heat medium pressure, heat, outdoor temperature, standard room temperature, water temperature, condensate temperature, water pressure.
3, soft water heat, set the condensate heat transfer section and condensate temperature control, make full use of condensate heat.
4, the system replenishment using frequency control, automatic replenishment, regulation.
5, the use of high-quality stainless steel plate heat exchanger, the unit small size, small footprint.
6, circulating pump variable frequency, variable operation.
7, the standard modular design, according to the user situation, flexible choice of control content, reduce investment.
8, the running parameters of the number of digital, convenient and reliable.
9, plate heat exchanger unit compact structure, the choice of our company design and manufacture of high energy efficiency, small size plate heat exchanger, water pump imported or domestic high-quality vertical water pump, compact structure, the required installation space is small.
10, so that the operation is simple, easy installation and maintenance. The heat exchanger unit controls the heat exchanger to regulate the use of imported or domestic famous brand of control components and systems, reliable, excellent performance, high degree of automation. Just a simple training, you can master the operation of the heat exchanger unit.

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