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Heat recovery / heat exchange unit

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Energy saving heat recovery heat transfer system

Green, low-carbon energy has been OMG's development concept, in addition to providing customers with high-quality heat exchanger, OMG also long-term commitment to energy use process in the efficient, low-cost research and development, to Customers to provide professional energy-saving heat recovery project solutions. To this end, OMG has always been committed to working with customers to use their own technical experience and the actual situation of customers to help customers in various industries according to their different process needs, customize the best solutions to help customers achieve environmental protection, energy saving, The OMG design and manufacture of heat exchange system can be used in the field of central heating, but also can be used in waste heat and waste heat of the heat recovery applications, the use of waste heat and heat output heat heating hot water, hot water or process water Preheating. The whole system has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient transportation, small footprint, flexible installation site and so on.

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