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Replacement of heat exchanger gasket

Rubber gasket maintenance and replacement of the main steps:
1, reuse performance testing and testing. In the case of suspected corrosion of the heat exchanger and pipe wall thickness to check;
2, remove the aging of the seals, according to different dirt, the use of acid and alkali for chemical cleaning, cleaning parts of the surface will not be corrosive by chemical media;
3, after the chemical cleaning, with a high-pressure blowing device to completely remove the residual heat exchanger and other surface of the chemical medium;
4, the heat exchanger plate coated with fluorescent test agent, in the ultraviolet light irradiation to check whether there are small cracks and corrosion holes, and re-clean;
5, but also focus on checking the case of sealing groove, if necessary, dressing; Fifth, for the bonding gasket, will completely remove the remaining material, the use of reconciling adhesive adhesive re-bonding, re-combination of heat exchanger Clamped in a special fixture, the adhesive curing, heating in the holding furnace insulation, in order to achieve the best bonding effect.
In the process of industrial equipment, the plate heat exchanger is a high security requirements of the equipment, when the gasket is damaged, the external drip is visible. Heat exchangers, heat exchangers and other start there will be a slight drip, the pressure in the larger impact of the process equipment, it may be due to damage to the gasket and a larger leak. Under strong pressure shocks, it is sometimes possible to leave the gasket away from the correct position of the plate heat exchanger, even when it is removed from the heat exchanger. In this case, the equipment must be stopped immediately, so that the heat exchanger in the case of no pressure to cool to room temperature. If the gasket is deformed under the action of a pressure shock, it can no longer restore the original shape and position, and the new gasket must be replaced. If there is no spare gasket, the heatsink on both sides of the damaged gasket must be removed from the entire plate heat exchanger group, and then the sealing surface of the remaining heat sink should be checked. The remaining heat exchangers must be installed in strict accordance with the requirements in the instruction manual. In order to ensure that the remaining heat exchangers have sufficient stress to resist the load, the stresses of the original sheets must be multiplied by the number of heat exchangers, The resulting product is divided by the number of current remaining heat exchangers to obtain the value of the assembly stress that each heat exchanger plate must bear.

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